3 Things To Look For In Your First Family Car

If you and your spouse are expecting and you are trading in your old two-door coupe, for a larger, more appropriate, family-sized car, then you have lots of options. You can go with a minivan, a four-door sedan, or a sport utility vehicle. The choice is up to you and your spouse and is going to be based on your personal preference and budget. However, no matter what style family car you get, you should make sure it has the following three things.

Large Storage Area

You want to make sure that the car has lots of room for luggage. You will need this for when you go on trips. Even if you don't plan on taking many long road trips, the extra storage room is always great for big trips to the supermarket. Large boxes of diapers and bulk items from places like Costco need space. So, make sure that the car has lots of room in the trunk or rear area.

A Good Safety Rating

It's also important to make sure that the car has a good safety rating. Don't make the mistake of thinking that all large cars are safe. There are some that might have a bad tendency to tip over when taking tight turns; others may have bad crash ratings. So, when you are at the car dealer, speak with the salesperson and have them present you with the information about the car's safety rating. This will help you decide if that particular car is right for your family. If you happen to know the cars that you are interested in, you can look these up online before you head to the dealership.

A Roomy Backseat

If your last car was a two-door couple or a sports car, then you need to wrap your mind around how important the backseat area is. You will need to install the child seat, and later it is where your young kids will buckle in as they get bigger and older. So, you want a roomy backseat. Some sedans are simply not big enough in the back. There are roomy two-door sedans, but you need to consider the awkwardness of getting into and out of the backseat. It might be fine when you do it once at the dealership, but imagine having to do it with your young kids every day of the week. This is why it's best to get a four-door vehicle, with a roomy backseat, as your first family car.