Four Signs You May Be Talking to a Curbstoner Rather Than a Used Car Dealer

"Curbstoners" are individuals who "flip" used cars -- they are not professional used car dealers. Many of these people will represent themselves as an individual owner simply trying to sell their car. They will go through classified ads and noticeboards and will try to sell a vehicle quickly. Because they are selling this vehicle "as is," you usually don't have the protections that you normally would with a used car dealership. Here are signs that you may be talking to a curbstoner -- and reasons why you should visit a dealership instead.

They Meet in a Random Location

Rather than meeting you at your house or their house, the curbstoner may want to meet at a random location. That is because if you came to their house, you might see that they have a multitude of vehicles up for sale. Alternatively, a curbstoner won't want you to know their address when you realize you've purchased a lemon.

They Are Vague About the Vehicle's History

A curbstoner has usually just picked up a vehicle and made some minor repairs. They don't know how often the vehicle was driven or who was driving it. If a seller is vague about how the vehicle was driven or contradicts themselves, then they likely weren't the one driving the vehicle. When buying used from individuals, you usually want a car that's been driven by one person for some time.

They Want You to Purchase Now

Many individuals will haggle a bit, but they usually aren't all that eager to sell. A curbstoner, on the other hand, is trying to flip vehicles for profit quickly. They will usually use high pressure sales tactics that aren't used by inexperienced individuals who are just trying to sell their car.

They Don't Want an Inspection

Any trustworthy individual will be more than willing to let you take the car to your mechanic to get it inspected. A curbstoner will either pressure you to make the purchase before the inspection or will ask you to take it to their mechanic. Curbstoners may not really know whether or not there are issues with the car. Consequently, an inspection may make them nervous.

Buying a used car is a fantastic idea -- when it's done the right way. There's a reason why used car dealerships are well-regulated and well-advertised. When looking to buy a used car, you should strongly consider going to a used car dealership. A used car dealership not only has to obey local "lemon laws," but they also often run pre-owned programs that will give you a vehicle that is certified to be in good condition. For more information or to start your search for a used car, visit local dealerships like San Diego Carz.