4 Things To Listen for When Taking a Motorcycle On a Test Drive

If you are getting ready to purchase a motorcycle, it is important that you take it for a test drive. Here are four things that you want to listen for when you take the motorcycle out for a spin to ensure that everything is working properly before you go through with the sale.

#1 Exhaust Sounds

The first thing that you need to listen for are the sounds that are coming out of your exhaust system. Listen to how the muffler sounds as the motorcycle idles as well as how it sounds when you are driving.

If the muffler is rusted out or if it is perforated in any way, it will cause the exhaust to sound louder than it should. If the exhaust is extra loud, you'll want to inspect it a little closer.

#2 Brakes

Second, when you ride, pay attention to any sounds you hear after applying the brakes. It is perfectly normal to hear a little squeaking when you brake. However, if the brakes continue to make noise as you ride or are very loud as you slow down, especially at high speeds, the rotors or brake pads may need to be replaced.

You should be able to visually inspect the brakes in order to find out if they are worn down.

#3 Wheel Bearings

Third, watch out for a droning sound when you are riding. A droning sound is a sign that the wheel bearings are worn out. The wheel bearings are very important, as they are needed to reduce force and friction on your bike. You don't want to ride a bike that has worn out bearings.

#4 Suspension

Fourth, make sure that you don't hear either squeaking or rattling when you are riding. Both squeaking and rattling can be signs that the suspension is worn out on the bike. You need the suspension to be working well in order to get a smooth ride and in order to avoid all the bumps that you may encounter during your ride.

The above signs do not mean that you shouldn't purchase the bike. However, if you identify issues with the exhaust, brakes, wheel bearings, or suspension, you may want to ask for those parts to be repaired before you go through with the purchase or for a discount on the price of the bike so you can afford to make these important repairs yourself.

You can find a great motorcycle at almost anyplace where there are cars for sale if you follow these tips to double-check the quality of the bike before you buy.