Tips For Quickly Selling Your Car

If you need to quickly sell your car so that you can pay for an emergency expense, then you will be pleased to know there are many things you can do to make this happen. Whether you choose to sell your car to an individual on your own or sell it to a used car dealership, follow these tips:

Tip: Impeccably Clean Your Vehicle Inside and Out

Since you need to sell your vehicle immediately, you need to do everything you can to make it attractive to potential buyers. The first thing you should do is take it to the carwash and make the outside sparkle. While you are there, vacuum out the interior. Remove all of your personal items from the car and spray it with some air freshener such as Febreeze to remove any lingering odors in the upholstery or carpets. 

Tip: Protect the Interior and Tires

You can purchase a bottle of protectant at your local automotive parts store. Protectant is the best thing you can use to make your car's tires and it's interior look like new. Spray the protectant on each tire and then wipe them down with a clean rag. Do the same thing on the dashboard, seats, and inside of the car's doors to make them shine.

Tip: Determine the Fair Market Value of Your Car and Offer It for a Slightly Lower Price

Thanks to the internet, it is now simple for you to determine what the fair market price is for your car. The standard in used car prices is the Kelly Blue Book value. To find out what the Kelly Blue Book value for your car is, you can use their website. It's a free service and will give you both the individual sales value as well as what your car is worth if you trade it in at a dealership.

If you are going to sell your car to a private party, then you should price it just below the value given. This will make your vehicle a better deal than other cars on the market and will help your car sell more quickly.

Tip: Consider Selling Your Car to a Local Used Car Dealership

Finally, if your car has not sold in a few days or if you cannot wait that long, then consider selling it to a local used car dealership. Since you have determined its value using the Kelly Blue Book website, you will know what it is worth as a trade-in and should ask for a slightly lower amount for a fast sale.