4 Essential Features For Your Next Truck

If you are in the market for a new truck, you want to make sure that your new truck, whether you buy a new RAM 1500 or other model, has all the best features that you will need over time.

#1 Towing Equipment

Any truck worth its weight should have the ability to tow. Make sure that your truck comes with a towing kit, which includes a hitch and trailer-brake controllers. It is best to have a vehicle that has these features built-in. A truck with towing capacity build into it will have a better fit than a truck that is retrofitted with a towing kit. Make sure that your truck also has a heavy-duty suspension if you plan on doing frequent towing.

#2 Side Steps

Make sure that your truck has side steps on it. Even if you are able to easily get in and out of your truck, having a side step will make it easier for your passengers to get in and out of your truck as well. Plus, you never know when your physical abilities may change, and having a side step will ensure that you always have the extra boast and support you need to get into your vehicle.

#3 Outlets

There are just so many devices that you need to plug in and charge. Make sure that your new truck has USB outlets for your various devices. This will allow you to charge your phone, MP3 player, GPS, and other small electronic devices.

Make sure that your truck also has at least one 110-volt outlet. This will allow you to plug in larger items, like a vacuum cleaner, air pump, or even your laptop. A 110-volt outlet gives you more flexibility and is a feature any new truck should have.

#4 Large Mirrors

When you drive a big truck, you should have big mirrors to help you out. Big mirrors, called trailering mirrors, extend outward on your vehicle further than typical side mirrors. You will have to fold these mirrors in when you go through a car wash, but other than that, they are great for providing you with extra visibility, which can help you be more aware of where you are when you are on the road. Larger mirrors are also essential when towing anything behind your vehicle. Larger mirrors allow you to see more of the vehicle you are towing and make smarter towing choices.

When looking for a new truck, make sure that it comes with large mirrors, side steps, USB and 110-Volt power outlets, as well as a factory-installed towing kit and parts.