An Owner’s Guide To Making A Subaru Turbo Last

One of the great things about a Subaru is that it is one of the longest-lasting vehicles you can buy, especially if you are driving it with a turbo. However, like with any vehicle, however long it lasts is based partially on how you treat it. If your car is not kept in good condition, and if you do not drive it carefully, it will eventually wear out. 

Driving with Care

When you are starting up your engine, make sure that all of the accessories are off. This includes the windshield wipers, air conditioning, headlights, heater, and defroster. This will preserve power for your vehicle. You can turn these accessories on after you start your car.

Don't rev your engine, and do not accelerate past half-throttle immediately after you have started up your engine. Your oil needs time to heat up before it will be prepared for a full flow. When you drive at a high RPM, you may damage the turbo with a cold engine. If you have been driving on a highway or if you have been pulling a heavy load, you will want to let your engine idle for at least 30 seconds before turning it off.

Maintaining the Oil Filter

One important part of your maintenance regimen is to make sure that the oil filter is in good condition and to replace the oil supply bolts every 60,000 miles. If the oil filter becomes restricted, the turbo will have oil delivery issues that will cause the Subaru to not receive enough oil and will increase the risk that it will overheat. 

Changing Your Oil Often Enough

When you have a Turbo model, you will likely need to have your oil changed more frequently than if you are driving a normal Subaru. Check with the manufacturer to know how often you should change your oil. If you will be using your Subaru for racing, you will want to replace your oil more often. The heat generated from the turbocharger and the carbon deposits found in the exhaust causes the oil to deteriorate more rapidly. 

Using the Right Oil

To make sure that the turbo is properly charged, make sure to use high-quality engine oil. Less expensive engine oil may fail to provide provide adequate lubrication and might actually cause damage to the turbocharger and the engine. Always follow the owner's guide for the recommended oil grade and viscosity. 

When you purchase a new Subaru for sale, keep the aforementioned information in mind to ensure that your vehicle lasts as long as possible.