5 Tech Features You Can Find In High-End Used Cars

If you are considering purchasing a high-end used vehicle, like a used Mercedes Benz, that doesn't mean you have to skimp on quality. When you purchase a higher-end used vehicle, you are going to have access to tech features that may still not have made their way down to standard new vehicles yet.

1. Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control started rolling out in higher-end vehicles a while ago, so if you do a lot of freeway driving, you will want to look for a used vehicle that already has adaptive cruise control. It is easier to control the distance between you and the car in front of you with adaptive cruise control when using this feature. Sensors are used to measure the speed and distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. The information from the sensors is then used to automatically adjust the speed of your vehicle so that you are at a safe following distance. This is a great feature if you do a lot of highway driving.

2. Smartphone App Controls

Smartphones can be helpful to connect to your vehicle. You can stream audio through them and get navigation directions. Look for a vehicle with a system designed to connect your smartphone, not just to Bluetooth, but also to your vehicle's infotainment system. Some of these systems only work with certain phone operating systems, so be sure your vehicle and phone will sync up if you purchase a used luxury vehicle with this feature.

3. Ventilated Seats

Heated seats have been around for decades now, but ventilated seats are something you will only find in higher-end used vehicles. The seat is designed to suck away hot air from your body to cool you down with ventilated seats. Some ventilated seat models also blow cool air directly onto your backside, really cooling you down. This is great if you tend to get hot or live somewhere with a lot of hot weather. With ventilated seats, you will always be comfortable.

4. Blind-Spot Monitor

Finally, on many higher-end models, you can get a blind-spot monitor (BSM). A blind-spot monitor uses sensors to let you know if someone is in your blind spot. If they are, you will be given a visual and auditory warning if you turn on your turn signal. A light may illuminate on your outside mirror, and an alarm may sound off inside your vehicle, letting you know that someone is in your blind spot, preventing a side collision. 

One of the great things about buying a high-end luxury used vehicle is that you will get access to vehicle features that still have not rolled out in newer standard model vehicles.