What You’re Looking For In Your Custom Van Builder

With so many people choosing to travel over owning homes or wanting to convert vans into camping units, finding a custom van builder should be easier than ever. This is a unique niche that not many people fill, but it's a great type of skill to have when someone wants to hit the road and convert their existing van into a camper van or if someone wants to build a camper van from scratch.

Here are things you should look for when having a custom van builder hired for your needs. You can either hire a camper van builder to convert an older camper you have, or you can hire one to design a standard camper van into one that you can use for a variety of purposes. Here are things to look for in your custom van builder.

Someone who is available

If you need your camper conversion done now, then you need to look at camper vans for sale that already meet your needs, or at least most of them. Your custom van builder will have lots of clients and may not have all the supplies and equipment on hand to meet your needs right away so it may take time to complete your project. Get a custom van builder who isn't taking on a lot of clients right now, has custom materials in their shop already (for upholstering chairs and other things), and can give you a definite finish date so you can get your custom van out for some adventures when you need it.

Someone who is mechanically inclined

A custom van builder is someone who can modify an existing van into a comfortable home away from home. They are not always mechanically inclined, so engine repairs may need to be done by someone else. However, finding a custom van builder who is mechanically inclined can be a huge benefit for you in being able to meet your needs if you have an older van that needs some tuning to make it safe.

Someone who has a client history

Any custom van builder should have a portfolio of past work so you can see before and after photos of camper vans they've built. A customer reputation is also a great thing as it shows you what past clients have had to say about your custom van builder's work, prices, time frames, and more. However, if a custom van builder is just starting out but can show you their own completed van project, this can suffice in showing you what they can do.

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