Tips To Keep Your Tires In Good Condition And Practice Safe Driving This Fall Season

The fall season can bring with it a change in weather that can return some potential hazards to the road. If you want to stay safe out on the highway this autumn season, you need to make sure your tires are up to the task. Here are some tips to help ensure your tires can get through the fall season and will help keep you and your family safe as you move down the road.

A Change in Temperature Can Lead to a Change in Tire Air Pressure 

When summer ends and fall returns, the most obvious change you will start noticing is of course a drop in temperature. Your tires might notice this change too as cooler temperatures can affect tire air pressure levels. If you haven't been to an air pump at a gas station in a while, start the fall off by bringing your tires to the right levels and then get into the habit of monitoring the pressure level going forward, perhaps every other time you go to the gas station to fill up. This is a good practice to continue following into the winter and all year round. A tire that is kept at the ideal air pressure will have better traction and performance than a tire that is not inflated properly.

The Fall Season Can Bring With It Wet Conditions or Leaf-Covered Roads

The fall season can bring more wet weather or even icy weather depending on your neck of the woods. Wet conditions can create situations where hydroplaning because something you have to think about. You might also have to navigate leaf-covered backroads that could be hiding potholes or other issues that could damage your tires. Always slow down and drive with care when navigating through leaves on the road or dealing with wet conditions. If you notice you are hydroplaning or running into other issues, you might need new tires, such as Nissan tires that are better equipped to deal with these types of situations.

A Fresh Set of Tires This Fall Season Can Give You the Tread You Need to Navigate Any Situation

Swapping out your old tires for new ones will restore the amount of tread you have on your tires as you move down the road. More tread can ensure more grip on the road no matter what the weather is doing outside. An all-weather tire can help you get through slick conditions this fall and then continue helping you when things get even more hazardous in the winter.

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